If i had to describe this wedding with one word it would be “happiness”. There are simply not enough words to explain the joy I felt on their wedding day. When Lynn & Jan first reached out to me for their wedding it still wasn’t clear what day it would be. By the time the date was due, Lynn had gathered all the right people and created the most amazing wedding day I could imagine. I’m a sucker for details and there were plenty! Also, I love it when bridesmaids color match! I can go on and on trying to explain but the truth is, this wedding had it all : flowers, dresses, suits, nature, decorations, authenticity, friendship, laughs, tears and love, lots of love! Lynn & Jan made me feel like a part of the crowd an seated me at the diner table next to their lab research colleagues and I think I found my new favorite kind of people. I had a blast, thank you.

Venue : /
Flowers : Atelier Stek
Wedding Planner : SOM+
Dress : tba
Suit : Café Costume
Cathering : tba

Mathias HannesBelgium