This must This must be one of the craziest couples I’ve ever shot. Lara contacted me about half a year before the date telling me they were moving to America, Texas for work and that they wanted to have a celebration in their hometown before leaving. Wim had already moved at that time so I wouldn’t have a chance to meet him before the wedding. when the day finally arrived it felt like I had been there before. Wim and Lara had such a warm, a bit chaotic but honest vibe going on that I felt home right away. Wim had been a model in the past and didn’t want to look serieus on a picture ever again, and so he kept his promise. The result was a day full of unexpected moments, goofs and lots of laughs. The brother of Lara and her dad just purchased an old brewery nearby and it would ma the perfect location for the feast. If I could design my perfect location it would look a lot like this! Despite the weather it still felt like Spain at some moments. Decorations and table setting were on point and everyone looked sharp and ready to party. On top of that I’m always humbled and grateful to be accepted like one of the guests. They gave me a prominent spot at the diner table and even took the time to include me in their speech. Lara & Wim, you are the greatest and I thank you so much for having me at you wedding.

Venue : Private
Catering : Witlov
Dessert : Baked
Dress : Lillian West
Furniture : Woodfest Events
Suit : Suit Supply
Flowers : by the bride / Groendekor
mua : Tanja van Osibo