For The Love of Color


Color is fading, it’s disappearing from our screens, and our pictures. But it isn’t lost, we can still save it.

I noticed it first when I saw the movie Interstellar from Christopher Nolan and thought, “This is beautiful”. There was something I couldn’t grasp, something about the colors I couldn’t quite figure out. To my surprise I learned it was shot on Kodak film. So I wondered if shooting film would give me the same kind of images. Well… It didn’t. I thought I found myself a shortcut to amazing looking colors but my images looked off, too bright, too weird. The contrast between the muted images I’ve gotten used to and this renewed medium made me doubt. I was about to let it go. But every time a movie or an image gave me a unique feeling it turned out to be analog film. So there had to be more to it. I tried again, learned and shot different. This time I was able to get results that pleased me more than before. Experimenting with film is giving me new excitement for photography and is teaching me to embrace the colors that I’ve been pushing away.

Inspired by film and color I teamed up with some amazing people for a bridal shoot in the Netherlands. I shot about six rolls of film and also digital because I’m still on baby steps here. The film shots turned out to be mostly overexposed but the ones I got right looked awesome! I still had to edit my digital files and this time I decided to semi-match to the look of my film files. There was a time I wouldn’t dare to edit anything close to these colors but I’ve grown in this adventure and I’m no longer afraid to embrace film, for the love of color. <3

Location : The Netherlands
Model : daysofyonder
MUA : Von Winckelmann
Dress : Hari-Ito
Florals : Stek