About Me


I'm a photographer living with my small family in a little town in Antwerp, Belgium and yes I also speak dutch.
I love photography and going outside, traveling, gathering pieces of the world. I want to tell stories that are warm and inspiring, adventurous and yet comfortable. Above is me and my little boy Finn, my mini-me.

Photography is the most beautiful story telling tool I can think of. It has proven it's value throughout history and still manages to wow us today. It has fascinated me from when I was still a little boy. I can still smell the chemicals from the old dark room back when I learned photography by shooting film. We can do so much more these days but still strive for the same thing, to capture the moment. I have a nostalgic heart, I fell in love with old pictures from my parents and faded black and whites from dusty magazines. It made me dream of going outside to create images of my own. Years later, I'm happy to be doing what I love and sharing it with others.

I love camera gear and I love talking about it. It's true and yes a bit shamefully ( ha! ) But I'm always seeking for ways to bring new and old together in the best way. I own a lot of analog camera's and embrace the wonders of digital yet my style is inspired by simplicity.
You'll never see me waving around big and bulky camera's with large zoom lenses. I like to work comfortable both for myself as for the people around me. Downsizing my camera bag to the essentials. It allows me to capture unique moments that are intimate and honest.


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