“What about Cap Blanc Nez?” I said. Just a few weeks before I had been venturing the French region with a good friend. Cap Blanc Nez is known for its white limestone cliffs. Belgium could easily be named one of earth’s flattest places. So I’m always searching for original locations to shoot adventurous engagement sessions. When E + S got engaged and reached out to me for pictures I pitched the idea of going towards France. They Loved it. So we suited up for a 3 hour drive and arrived just at flood time to one of the most incredible views. E + S are one of the first couples I got to shoot at this location and since it has become more of a second home to me. I’ve been renaming this kind of shoots road-trip sessions as they sound more like how they feel. We lost track of time, enjoyed the scenery and laughed until it was dark. It was the perfect escape.